Medical tourism means “The one who travels to other destination/country /state to seek health & also explores the new destinations from that region.”

 Medical tourism (health tourism) is the very growing sector in India since last decade. Nowadays we have becomes a favorite destination for health tourism because of many factors such as very modern infrastructure for healthcare, government support, M-visa, Talented & experienced human resource & the most important is very cost effective services at our bone and joint care center.India is popular for heart surgeries, KNEE Replacement surgeries, Hip replacement & hip resurfacing surgeries, Shoulder resurfacing, organ transplant, cosmetic surgeries etc.

We promote joint replacement surgeries & bone and joint related problems.The founder of Bone and Joint care center Dr.Shailendra Patil has performed more than 1500 joint replacement surgeries in total. He masters himself in MIS tissue preserving TKR, total hip replacement, shoulder replacement and elbow replacement & Unicompartmental/ partial Knee replacement surgeries.

Dr.Shailendra already served patients from abroad like the patient from NIGERIA, KANGO, KENIA,U.S.A, SAUDI ARABIA, KUWAIT, IRAQ etc.The packages for surgeries starts from USD 3000 , the details can be obtained via E-Mails.

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