Hardik SomaiyaACL Reconstruction

Dated: December 2017 
Very professional yet friendly approach. He understood the problem, suggested MRI know the problem and we exactly knew that there was an ACL tear after the MRI report came in. He suggested if I ever wanted to run again then I’ll have to get ACL reconstruction done. We went ahead with the same and now I’m feeling quite better, hopefully, I’ll be able to run soon. Don’t think twice before consulting Dr. Shailendra Patil.


Mr. Deepak hande

Mr. Deepak hande Shares his experience after 1 year of Hip Surgery


Mr. Shinde

Mr. Shinde now walks pain-free after Knee Replacement Surgery


Vijaya Pansare Visited for knee pain with bowed leg

I had the interesting story about my disease, I m relatively young 48 yrs with severe both knee pain with bowed legs.All my previous efforts to treat it with medicines failed.FEELING PROUD TO SAY THIS THAT DR.PATIL diagnosed my rare problem OF BLACK BONE DISEASE IN MY BODY…And he treated it accordingly…We got the surgery done at CURRAE HOSPITAL thane…..Today after 6 months after surgery I m 200 cent alright…All credit goes to dr.patil and his team…THANK U …and do recommend him ….tnx


Pravin PatkarVisited For Foot PainHe is a magician. Professional, friendly and super-intelligent… I was suffering from foot pin for 2 weeks. Local doctors were clueless. I consulted to Shailendra sir and in one dose of medicine, I am able to walk. Even without medical reports and other diagnostics. I am really happy.

Mohd Faisal SurveVisited For ACL Reconstruction
 He operated me for ACL and my mother both the leg knee replacement. I have total faith in him. My mom is walking straight just because of him as her leg was in very bad conditions. He has always been kind to us, helped us, and guided in each and everything during the stay in a hospital. Lastly, he is a good follower of his patients.

Mr. Deepak HandeVisited For Hip Replacement

 I m just 37years working as the supervisor. I was suffering from both hip joint pain since 3-4 years…I was misguided and operated at another hospital on rt.hip for AVN…Then I met Dr.shailendra Patil @wockhardt hospital vashi……Dr.advised me Both hip replacement surgery in the staged matter at an interval of 7-8 days….In just one month after surgery, i joined work….Now almost 1 year after surgery I DONT HAVE ANY PAIN AND DOING ALL NORMAL WORK….. Many many many thank u, doctor…….I recommend him for hip replacement surgeries…..

Mr.Gulab JagadaleVisited For Hip ReplacementI was badly affected by both hip pain.I had done my rt.TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT IN JAN 2015 at Fortis hospital Vashi… Then I met Dr.patil at Wockhardt hospital Vashi with one my friend’s recommendation. I feel proud to say that TOTAL HIP!REPLACEMENT Surgery by DR.SHAILENDRA PATIL was very much satisfying and pain-free as compared to first one at another hospital….. I feel the difference due to his NO CUTTING MUSCLE TECHNIQUE….REPLACEMENT SURGERY ONLY OPTION IS DR.PATIL…….I highly recommend him…thank u.


Mr. Ashok PatilVisited For ACL Reconstruction


It was very fortunate that I got operated by same Dr.PATIL who has operated on my 4-5 known friends and relatives.I got twisted my left knee in Ganapati vacation and torn my ACL AND MENISCUS…..It was a great support by Dr.PATIL and WOCKHARDT hospital staff before during and after surgery….. especially where the insurance company was not helping me….Now One month after surgery I m 100 % fit and fine….Sincere thanks Dr.PATIL for our support and special mention of your extraordinary skills in the subject of ARTHROSCOPIC ACL RECONSTRUCTION….. TNX.


Mr. Rohidas RastogiVisited For Knee Replacement


I m 75 yrs old man badly suffered from arthritis of knees and backbone….It was so bad that my knees were bent badly….I had taken almost all kinds of treatment for same but of no use…Then I met Dr.PATIL through its article in HINDUSTAN TIMES.We met and decided to operate both KNEE REPLACEMENT SURGERY AT WOCKHARDT hospital VASHI…..Really very impressed with Dr.PATIL s techniques of MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY IN knee replacement….. Now three months after surgery my knees are straight, no pain, I m independent traveled from ambernath to VASHI on my own without support….. THANK YOU, DR PATIL….AND FOR KNEE REPLACEMENT


Mr. Peer Mohd. Patel visited For Hip Replacement


I stay in village and 72 yrs old man suffering from both hip pain and deformity due to AVN OF HIP disease….My life was badly affected by pain….One of my son’s neighbors lady pt.who did all her four joint replacement surgeries with Dr.PATIL referred me to BONE AND JOINT CARE CLINIC in mulund…Dr.PATIL was helpful throughout our treatment period.He operated on my both hip at a time in WOCKHARDT hospital VASHI in ESIC SCHEME…..I consider myself lucky to have him…May ALLAH GIVE HIM ALL SUCCESS IN LIFE….


Satyabhama Mahadev ElleVisited For Knee Replacement


We met Dr.PATIL 4 years back with severe knee pain and difficulty in walking…My knees were completely worn out ….Dr.PATIL operated on my both knees through ESIC scheme at WOCKHARDT hospital VASHI…..Surgery was nonsuccessful that I was back on my feet within few days this time without pain…..We met Dr.PATIL @bone and joint care clinic Mulund for my back problem…He diagnosed as lumbar canal stenosis…..Dr.was so helpful that he operated for the spine in CHARRY HOSPITAL thane at very concession rates……It was a great gesture by Dr.towards poor pts like me……LONG LIVE DR.PATIL………


Mr. Ajit B. PagareVisited For Hip Replacement


I was suffering from very bad left hip pain due to arthritis of Lt.hip joint…..Two years back I got operated by DR.PATIL @ WOCKHARDT HOSPITAL VASHI…Next day Dr.made me stand and walk, in two days I was on my feet and doing all my activities… It was not less than a miracle for me…Now two years after surgery I m doing everything in life as a normal person….BIG THANK YOU DR….I have already recommended three pt tomdr for same problems…


Mrs. Jyoti Wagh Visited For Arthroscopy


7 month back I and my husband has fallen from the bike and I injured rt.shoulder..My rt. the rotator cuff was torn completely…I was not able to lift my rt.hand even for holding the glass of water…..My family physician Dr. drive recommend me to BONE AND JOINT CARE CENTER @ MULUND.When we met we were convinced for ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY ON RT. SHOULDER.I got operated at CURRIE HOSPITAL THANE…..A really great place for arthroscopic surgery. Literally, I was discharged from hospital in two days……Now after 7 months I m completely fine and doing everything in and out of homework…..Thanks from the bottom of heart DR.PATIL………WE ARE COMPLETELY SATISFIED AND DO RECOMMEND YOU FOR ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY…… TNX


Mr. Raghunath Gharathe Visited For Foot Pain


I m retired police officer, had very successful professional life…But in last few years was suffering from knee pain, it was such bad that daily activities were difficult…. I had so many options around for knee replacement but my family friend and Dr.dake suggested me Dr.PATIL name……Now today 4 years after both KNEE REPLACEMENT SURGERY AT WOCKHARDT HOSPITAL VASHI, I m absolutely fine and doing all kinds of activities….. My recommendation will be WHEN KNEE REPLACEMENT ONLY DR.PATIL…..tnx Dr…long live


Mr. Patil Visited For Spinal Therapy


I come to know about Dr.PATIL from one of my family friends…who underwent HIP replacement SURGERY….I FIRST TAKEN TREATMENT FOR SPINE PROBLEM FROM DR.PATIL…..HE LITERALLY AVOIDED MY SPINE SURGERY AND ONLY GIVEN INJECTION IN SPINE…NOW I M FINE AND DOING MY ALL OFFICE WORK… MY next visit to Dr. Patil was after 9 months when my son in law got fractured his forearm in accident…. Dr.patil literally fixed fracture and discharged us in two days…..we were very happy to see such fast results…… Now six months later he is absolutely fine and enjoying life…….And today I brought one 87 yrs lady known to me to Dr. PATIL for surgery…….thank you Dr.patil….and BONE AND JOINT CARE…


Baby. Harshali GaikwadVisited For Fracture Treatment


My child is five yrs old .she had bad fall at home 3mnths back and fractured her rt.leg…It was the kindness of Dr.patil that he visited my child late night taking time out of busy schedule at ruby hospital vikroli….And he planned surgery next day after primary treatment…… Now three months later she is going to school and participating in sports…And another thing Dr.PATIL has done this surgery at very low cost at request as we were not affording and we had no insurance….. sincere thanks, Dr.PATIL…. god bless u


Siddhi ShelarVisited For Hip Replacement


FOR TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY I think BONE AND JOINT CARE IS FINAL DESTINATION… I m only 20 yrs old unfortunately suffered from Cancer of bone marrow and put on steroids….I got AVN OF BOTH FEMORAL HEAD, It was the tough call to replace both hips…When we met Dr.PATIL got convinced to operate on Lt.side….Now two months post surgery I m absolutely fine and planning for Rt.TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY… IN NEXT MONTH….Sincerely thanks Dr.PATIL


Mr. Haider PevekarVisited For Fracture Treatment


My father had bad accident 20 June 2015 …He had fractured his rt.distal end femur bone.He was operated by other Dr.with plate and screw, but the surgery didn’t work for him…Fracture didn’t unite and plate and screw came out.We were very depressed and worried about future of his leg…Then we met Dr.PATIL at WOCKHARDT HOSPITAL VASHI…He advised us revision surgery, it went really well and now 3 and half month he is walking well and the fracture has united…Batts off to Dr. PATIL skill and excucation….I do recommend him for revision and complicated surgeries…


Mr. SheetalaprasadVisited For ACL Reconstruction


Hi, I m a medical representative by profession, was suffering from Rt.ACL INJURY SINCE 3YRS.Was very scared about my problem and surgery of ACL.I had heard the lot bad about surgery and its result…But when I met Dr.PATIL, looking at his confidence and skills was very impressed and decided to get operate…. Done surgery 3 weeks Bach at CURRIE hospital. NOW I M FIT AND WALKING COMFORTABLY…..JUST COMPARISON my friend got the same operation done one week prior and still not walking….I think that explains all about DR. PATIL S SKILL in a field of arthroscopy and sports medicine…long live Dr…tnx.


Mrs. Shyampyari rajbharVisited For Knee Pain


My wife stays in Utter Pradesh and she was complaining of rt.knee pain sidelong time.We have shown it to so many doctors back home, but no relief…I work in Mumbai and heard the lot about Dr.PATIL.. actually, I heard he is the only surgeon to do PARTIAL KNEE REPLACEMENT SURGERY IN NAVI-MUMBAI. We showed Dr.patil and he decided to operate partial knee replacement… Now its almost 3 months post surgery she is perfectly fine and doing all activities and completely pain-free…Thank u Dr.PATIL….


Mr. Ashok chavanVisited For Knee Replacement


I was the referee to BONE AND JOINT CARE CENTER @ MULUND by my family doctor.I met Dr.patil with my son for my knee problem…. I m working manage 55 yrs, unfortunately, I got osteoarthritis at early age….Dr.examined me properly and come to the conclusion of doing bilateral knee replacement surgery….. We like his newer techniques and its benefits….Now after only 3weeks after surgery on both knees at CURRIE HOSPITAL, I visited Dr’s clinic on my own with the very minimal support of stick….First, me and my family and friends are surprised that I m walking independently so early after both knee surgery, they say usually it takes months to recover…..thank you Dr.PATIL for all your help……tnx…


Mr. Ashok DhokeVisited For Knee Surgery


I met Dr.patil at platinum hospital Mulund west in emergency…I was shifted from one of the big hospitals in Mumbai…I m case of cab done with diabetes and hypertension….Due to a failure of two surgeries on my rt.leg I landed in a situation where I could have lost my life due to sepsis….But right time intervention of Dr.patil and hospital I survived….I lost my leg above knee level as it was the source of infection….Now after 5months of surgery I had ARTIFICIAL LIMB ON RT.LEG and I m independent…I thank Dr.Patil for second innings….I do recommend him for orthopedic problems….tnx


Sunanda Patil visited For ACL Reconstruction


I know Dr.shailendra Patil since last three years when he operated my relative for arthroscopic ACL RECONSTRUCTION in Mulund….now he is completely fit and doing all activities…. since then I do visit Dr.patil @ bone and joint care with all my friends who are suffering from joint problems….. I had the habit of doing some social work so I do such activities. Till date no patient is unhappy with Drs treatment….. thanks Dr.patil


Mr. Narayan BandekarVisited For Spinal Disc Surgery


Three years back I was recommended by my family physician to Dr.PATIL for my spine disc prolapse problem….I had shown to so many Drs but not convinced about results….I was a candidate for surgery…..I was the bit concerned about results of surgery…But when I meet Dr.patil he explained me in detail need of surgery and its results. I was convinced and got operated…Now after three years I even don’t remember what is back pain…..Today I visited Dr.patil for my son’s knee problem…. I do recommend him for spine SURGERIES…


Mr. A. K. YadavVisited For Arthroscopy


I had met with a bike accident in may 2016…I had injured my ACL ligament completely.. it was difficult for me to run or play….I met the expert in sports medicine Dr.patil at a bone and joint clinic thane….Dr.correctly pointed out my problem and advised ARTHROSCOPIC ACL RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY… I got it done at the currae hospital last month…now after a 1&1/2 month I m completely fine and started doing my work regularly….Dr.patil is the best option in SPORTS MEDICINE AND ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY around this area….seriously do recommend him for same….


Ibrahim wadekarVisited For Fracture Treatment


I m 26 yrs.old working girl.I met with an accident 3mnths back while coming back from job…I met Dr.patil in ruby hospital vikroli east…I had fractured Lt.ankle bone….Dr.patil attended me in the late night same day from his busy schedule…. and next day he performed surgery and I was walking with support next day of surgery…… Dr.patil discharged me in two days….now after two months I m independent and walking bones has united completely….. thanks to Dr.patil for his support…and his Midas touch put me back on feet…tnx, n do recommend him…



Sanskruti S.Fuldi Visited For Hip Replacement


My wife received medication for her neuro problem which affected her hips…she was suffering from AVASCULAR NECROSIS OF LT.HIP JOINT. We had sought a lot of opinions for same but my company Dr. referred me to Dr.PATIL. We agreed to get operated on Lt.hip.Now its six months and she is independent and running a small bookshop in Kalyan…Many thanks, Dr.PATIL… we do recommend him for successful HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERIES…



Mr. Anil WaghmareVisited For Knee Replacement

I m a working government servant by occupation.I had met Dr.PATIL in 2012 for my both knee problems… I got severe osteoarthritis at the very young age of 50, I had tried all other options for treatment but no relief…But when I met Dr.patil and he studied my case and decided to operate on rt.knee first…in 2012 and I operated Lt.knee in 2013 as I was very satisfied with first surgery….. Now I m completely satisfied with surgery and I operated my mother last 6 months back from same Dr.patil…and she is also doing well…many thanks, Dr.patil, and god bless you….do recommend him ….


Mr. Bandu Olivalikar Visited For Hip Replacement


I met Dr.patil in BONE AND JOINT CARE CLINIC in Mulund with reference from my friend….I was suffering from BILATERAL SEVERE O.A. HIP, I had undergone 3yrs.back hip replacement in Masina hospital…For second side I preferred Dr.patil. Now after two years of surgery I m completely fine joined my work……As compared to other leg surgery hip replacement done by Dr.PATIL, recovery was very fast, less painful and almost no physiotherapy was required….. sincere thanks to Dr.patil….do recommend him



Mr. TawadeVisited For Knee Replacement

I got a reference of Bone and joint care center and DR.PATIL from my local Dr.It was for my mother’s knee problem which she was suffering from 4-5 yrs…Dr.patil accepted the challenging case and operated on her in Aditi hospital nearby in Mulund…It was challenging because my mother has diabetes and hypertension and knees bent badly…Now after almost 2 and half years she is like 10 years younger….Doing all activities on own.She doesn’t require any help from family members. she travels on her own…..Thank you DR.PATIL for miracle and making my mother independent again….I do recommend Dr.PATIL for knee replacement surgery…tnx


Mrs. Vastalavai BodadeVisited For Knee Replacement, Spinal Deformity Correction


Two years back we operated for both knee replacement surgeries at vertex hospital Mulund. And lastly, he advised good eye Dr for eye surgery…. Lakhs of thanks, Dr. Patil