At Dr.shailendra patil’s clinic, we also do Shoulder replacement surgeries. In shoulder replacement surgery, doctors replace the ends of the damaged upper arm bone (humerus head) and usually the shoulder bone (glenoid) or cap them with artificial surfaces lined with plastic or metal and plastic.

The top end of your upper arm bone is shaped like a ball. Muscles and ligaments hold this ball against a cup-shaped part of the shoulder bone. Surgeons usually replace the top of the upper arm bone with a long metal piece, inserted into your upper arm bone, that has a rounded head. If the cup-shaped surface of your shoulder bone that cradles your upper arm bone is also damaged, doctors smooth it and then cap it with a plastic or metal and plastic piece.

At bone & joint care centre, we have managed fractures of various joints due to accidents or osteoporosis.

We generally do all kinds of Plating, Nailing or Putting various implants to manage complicate & complete fractures.

Normal shoulder joint looks like


Arthritic / damaged shoulder joint looks as


After Shoulder replacement, it looks like